How to get 100% CRM adoption rate in your team
Why so many companies fail at CRM adoption and how it can be fixed.
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Get 100% CRM adoption

The facts.

The Problem.

Using a CRM in your organisation has obvious benefits, a centralised place to keep all information about your customers that anyone in the team can access. The problem is with adoption, here’s why...

Takes too much time

For busy workers, it takes precious time away from their day-to-day task to find info from a CRM.

Visiting the CRM shifts focus from what employees are doing, thus making them unproductive.
Out of date

It's also very time consuing to keep the CRM up-to-date with the latest information on customers.

The Solution.

To really acheive a 100% CRM adoption rate, your customer's key information and past interactions need to be ‘attached’ to your employees, it needs to go wherever they go on the web. This is where Unifyo comes in...

No more searching

Unifyo allows employees to spend zero time searching for customer information, it's already with them.
Always in context

Because Unifyo is installed on their browser, whatever they are doing, Unifyo recongises customers and displays the key info.
Completely up-to-date

With the whole team connected, Unifyo automatically stays up-to-date with customers, whether that's email history, contact info etc..